Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hi everyone.!my name is FATIN NABILAH.just call me F.A.T.I.N..i dont have any nickname so far.i love my real name actually..thumbs up to my mom and my dad for giving me that name..u all know why.??it is because FATIN's meaning is beatiful..i'm beatiful right???haha,just kidding..erm, i was born on 5th of march,1993 at Hospital Besar Daerah Kota Tinggi.i'm a johorian and i'm proud to be johorian (: ambition is to be a psychologist.perhaps,for me this carrier can help me to know deeply about problems is a quite good carrier right??emm,besides, i love sports.i love something tough,something durable.i'm a hockey player,a keeper.!i also a sprinter and bowling player.other than that,i really love to sing.even though i know its sounds bad when im singing,but i dont care..for me,i can release my stress by singing.ooppsss, i forgot to introduce my lovely mom.!!

haaa..this is my mom.her name is suriyati binti shral..she is a sporting mom.i love to shopping with her,but.!my father hate that,when we want to shopping together,we will make sure that my father are not around.if not,he will bubbling to us.we really hate it.! he is.!his name is saiful bahar bin mohd yunos.he is a fierce person.he always want us to follow him.all things that we can do or we cannot do are decided by him.especially my brother and i.but sometimes we as siblings confer to disobey him.sshhhh..!dont tell him okay!we just need our own space as teenagers even though we know thats all for our goodness.

huh! talk about my brother,let me tell you all about him.he is the only one sibling that i ever had.mohammad safuan,a pot-bellied person.haha.we always fighting each other.maybe he really dont want a sister.that's why he never understand me before,just after he had a special girlfriend, he tried to understand me,starts to be responsible brother for me (: i love him a lot.

now,i want to story about my friends..hah!they all my bestie..actually we are hostel students,so that all happiness and sadness we share together.they like my second family.they colour my life.i love them so much.they are the best,never be replaced.!friends,u are everything for me!!to all my friends,ILOVEYOUALL.<3

just a little bit explaination about this boy..he is mine(: cute right???haha.master,ilysm!XOXO